Advanced Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon先进碳材料科学与工程

作者: [日]Michio Inagaki, [中]Feiyu Kang, [日]Masahiro Toyoda, [日]Hidetaka Konno

出版社: 清华大学出版社

出版日期: 2013-12-01

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Carbon materials are exceptionally diverse in their preparation, structure, texture, and applications.In Advanced Materials Science and Engineering of Carbon, noted carbon scientist Michio Inagaki and his co-authors cover the most recent advances in carbon materials, including new techniques and processes, carbon materials synthesis, and up-to-date descriptions of current carbon-based materials, trends and applications.Beginning with the synthesis and preparation of nanocarbons, carbon nanotubes, and graphenes, the book then reviews recently developed carbonization techniques, such as templating, electrospinning, foaming, stress graphitization, and the formation of glass-like carbon. The last third of the book is devoted to applications, featuring coverage of carbon materials for energy storage (electrochemical capacitors, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries,and adsorptive storage of hydrogen and methane), for environmental protection (photocatalysis,spilled oil recovery, and adsorption of VOCs, etc.), for thermal management, and for nuclear applications.

  • 版权: 清华大学出版社
  • 出版: 2013-12-01
  • 作者:[日]Michio Inagaki, [中]Feiyu Kang, [日]Masahiro Toyoda, [日]Hidetaka Konno
  • 更新: 2023-10-13
  • 书号:9787302347170
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