EDA技术与Verilog HDL(英文版)

作者: 黄继业、郑兴、黄汐威、潘松

出版社: 清华大学出版社

出版日期: 2019-10-01

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The book systematically introduces EDA technology and Verilog HDL. It well combines the basic knowledge, programming skills and practical methods of EDA technology and Verilog HDL with the actual engineering development technologies. According to the regulations and requirements of the classroom teaching and experimental operation in universities and colleges, and with the aim of enhancing the practical engineering design ability and independent innovation capability of students, the authors reasonably arrange the content of the whole book. The book is divided into seven parts: overview of EDA technology, syntax knowledge and practical technology of Verilog HDL, detailed usage of Quartus and IP module, design technology of finite state machine, 16/32-bit practical CPU design technology and innovative practical project, Model Sim-based Test Bench simulation technology and a large number of practical system design examples. Apart from a few chapters and sections, most of the chapters arrange the corresponding exercises and a large number of highly targeted experiments and design projects. All of the Verilog HDL examples enumerated in the book have passed through the compiling or hardware testing.   The book can be used as the textbook or reference book for the subjects of electronics, computer, and automation, and can provide teaching PPT courseware, experimental source programs and demonstration videos and so on.


《EDA 技术与 Verilog HDL (英文版)》重视实践能力和创新能力的培养,高度重视灵活性和完整性的结合。第三版的英文版和中文版可以一一对应,不仅方便家教开展双语教学,还可以促进外国学生教学的无缝对接。

  • 版权: 清华大学出版社
  • 出版: 2019-10-01
  • 作者:黄继业、郑兴、黄汐威、潘松
  • 更新: 2023-07-10
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